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Not sure how to dispose of something? Enter the item in the Lawrence Recyclopedia to find out

Single Stream Recycling

Lawrence has a single stream recycling system, which means that you are able to mix all recyclables in the same bin. Paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic, food cans, aluminum cans and glass can all be together. No more separating recyclables.

Participate in Lawrence's Recycling Program

There is enthusiasm for recycling like never before, and now is the time to be even more careful about what you place in your curbside recycling bin. In order to be recycled materials must be raw and clean, reason why we ask you to keep the following items  out of your recycling bin: plastic bags, plastic wrap, food left overs, textiles, anything that tangles, Styrofoam, bulky items.

Recycling Stickers

As part of our recycling program we give residents green stickers that read “Lawrence Recycles” to be placed on any barrel/bin you have at home. This is great because now you can reuse old barrels and even better you can use a much larger bin to fill up. Some residents chose to buy a large barrel with a lid and wheels.

Pick up Recycling Sticker at:  200 Common St, Room 201. Lawrence MA

For more information contact: (978) 620-3311

Recycling Guidelines

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Textile recovery program

  • Textiles make 5-6% of waste in Massachusetts = 230,000 Tons x Year 
  • Americans throw away over 32 billion pounds of textiles a year!
  • Making clothing uses resources: It can take 1,500 gallons of water to manufacture just one T-shirt and pair of jeans. That’s how much water you will drink in 13 years.
  • Extending clothing life by just three months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 10 percent.

Make a difference donate your textiles worn or torn. See directory.