Meet the Departments Heads

  1. KReilly

    Kate Reilly

    Chief of Staff

  1. mianello

    Mark J. Ianello

    Chief Administrative and Finance Officer

  1. roy

    Roy P Vasque

    Police Chief

  1. Brian-Moriarty

    Brian Moriarty

    Fire Chief

  1. avargas

    Abel Vargas

    Executive Director MV Workforce Board

  1. marmano

    Michael Armano

    ISD Acting Director

  1. mvelez

    Martha Velez

    Director of Human Services

  1. fbonet

    Frank Bonet

    Personnel Director

  1. jvalentin

    Jessica V. Vilas Novas

    Library Director

  1. rceballos

    Ramona Ceballos


  1. lsantiago_web

    Luis Santiago

    MIS Director

  1. vilma

    Vilma Martinez-Dominguez

    Community Development Director

  1. rruano

    Raquel D. Ruano

    City Attorney

  1. mpuello

    Milagros Puello, P.E.

    Acting Water Commissioner

  1. psoto

    Pedro Soto

    Planning Director

  1. avega

    Alexcy Vega, MAA

    Chair and Chief Assessor

  1. portiz

    Perla Ortiz

    Treasurer / Tax Collector

  1. wmaloney

    William Maloney

    City Clerk

  1. nortiz

    Nelson Ortiz

    Recreation Coordinator

  1. jjaime

    Jorge Jaime

    Cemetery Director

  1. dcole

    Donna Cole

    Payroll Director

  1. mmiller

    Michael Miller

    Airport Manager

  1. jmelendez

    Jaime Melendez

    Director Veterans' Services