COVID-19 Update


Lawrence is now in week 10 of being a RED community, indicating HIGH rates of COVID-19 and INFECTION rates. As of yesterday at 4PM, Lawrence ranks 3rd in overall case count (5,611), 2nd in average daily incidence rate per capita (45.9), 2nd in two-week case count (567), 3rd in percent positive (8.20%); and we must not forget the 144 souls lost to the virus in Lawrence.

What does 567 new cases in Lawrence in the last two weeks look like?

  • It looks like attending a family BBQ because “We’re all family here!”.
  • It looks like a “small, intimate dinner with friends” at local restaurant filled with other “small, intimate dinners with friends”.
  • It looks like a “harmless trip to the grocery store” when you woke up with a slight sore throat and cough.
  • It looks like going to work even though you’re sneezing because “It’s just allergies.”

Before you venture out of the house, REMEMBER: 1 in 20 people in Lawrence have gotten COVID-19 Don’t become the 1 in 20!

It is time for us to make it a personal responsibility to stop the spread. 

Help protect your family and community, and honor fellow neighbors who have been lost to COVID-19:

  • Wear a mask
  • Don’t have parties or gathering (and don’t attend them, either)
  • Don’t travel without quarantining for 14 days
  • STAY HOME if you’re sick!

 For COVID-19 Information & Resources, visit  

This Mobile Testing Unit is headed to a neighborhood near you! To get a COVID-19 test, or for more information on the  City of Lawrence Mobile Testing Unit , visit

 Remember, Lawrence is a RED community—we must remain vigilant to combat COVID-19!

 Say safe, stay calm, and stay home,

 -Mayor Rivera

COVID-19 Count Updates 1


  • About 1 in 20 people in Lawrence have gotten the COVID19 virus!

  • You could be next!

  • Don’t host house parties, cookouts, or celebrations!

  • If you travel, remember to quarantine!

  • Wear masks in public, wash your hands!