Technical Services


The Technical Services and Acquisition Department of the Lawrence Public Library is a major unit of the library itself. The Technical Service Department staff is responsible for:

  • Acquiring materials for all areas of the library and its branch
  • Cataloging all or some material for both locations
  • Checking-in periodicals and other material on subscription or standing order
  • Managing an acquisitions budget in excess of 120,000 dollars (between City, State, and private funds)
  • Processing of all materials

The Lawrence Public Library recognized its responsibility to have available a representative selection of materials on subjects of interest to its users. The library’s objective in selecting materials for its users is to make available a well-balanced collection that satisfies informational, recreational, and cultural needs from early childhood through adulthood.

Submit Suggestions

The ultimate responsibility for the selection of materials rests with the Library Director operating within the framework of policies and objectives determined by the Board of Trustees, the Library’s Mission Statement, and other agencies. However, if a person would like to make a suggestion for a specific item that they would like the library to acquire, please call us at 978-620-3608 or send an email to Giselle Encarnacion and the Technical Service Department staff will relate your suggestion to the Library for consideration.