COVID-19 Update

Dear Neighbor,

Lawrence is, and has been, a RED community. We have consistently been number 1 in the Commonwealth for average daily incidence rate per capita. Our Empty Chair Memorial in the Campagnone Park now has 187 empty chairs representing 187 souls lost, 43 more than when it was initially installed in October. We have continued to lose members of our community at an alarming rate. This holiday season we must remain vigilant to save ourselves and our loved ones. Today we ask our residents to resolve to not be a super spreader, to be cautious and actively stop the spread.  Every oversight can mean another life.

It is time for us to make it a personal responsibility to stop the spread. We have the power to stop this virus.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, choose to actively stop spread by:

  1. Planning for small, intimate gatherings that include immediate family only. Remember that all gatherings are subject to gathering size limits set in place by the state. Inviting outside family and friends increases the risk of contracting or spreading illness.
  2. Considering if those around you may be at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, such as older adults or those with certain medical conditions, before inviting extended family to your homes. Remember that 1in 9 people who get tested for COVID-19 in Lawrence come out positive.
  3. The Lawrence Police Department will be out in full force during New Years and New Year’s Eve enforcing mask mandates, and treating any noise complaints as possible spread events. IF YOU HEAR SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING! To report loud noise or a large gathering send an email to or call 978-794-5900. 


Lawrence ranks 3rd in overall case count (13509), 1st in average daily incidence rate per capita (172.3), 3rd in two-week case count (2116), and 2nd in percent positive (17.05%).

For COVID-19 Information & Resources, visit   

This Mobile Testing Unit is headed to a neighborhood near you! To get a COVID-19 test, or for more information on the  City of Lawrence Mobile Testing Unit , visit:

**Important COVID-19 Resource Numbers**

 For Food or other Human Service Needs: 978-620-3550

  • SNAP/Food Stamp: 1-800-645-8333
  •  Business Support: 978-291-8106
  • Childcare Services: 978-722-2534
  • Report a COVID-19 Violation: 978-620-3140
  • Report a Party or Loud Noise: 978-794-5900 or

Remember, Lawrence is a RED community—we must remain vigilant to combat COVID-19!

Help us spread the word to stop the spread, share this link with 5 friends and have them sign up for Emergency alerts from the City:

Say safe, stay calm, and stay home.

COVID-19 Count Updates 1


  • About 1 in 20 people in Lawrence have gotten the COVID19 virus!

  • You could be next!

  • Don’t host house parties, cookouts, or celebrations!

  • If you travel, remember to quarantine!

  • Wear masks in public, wash your hands!