Dear Neighbor, 

We have lost 144 souls to COVID-19 here in Lawrence. That’s 144 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, aunt and uncles. We must honor those lives we have lost by taking personal responsibility. This week, we completed the Empty Chair Memorial in the Campagnone Common Park in remembrance of the 144 souls that have been lost to COVID-19. The memorial is compiled of 144 empty chairs for each of the Lawrence residents lined up in rows in the park facing City Hall. 

It is time for us to make it a personal responsibility to stop the spread because until we do we will keep adding chairs. 

Help protect your family and community, and honor fellow neighbors who have been lost to COVID-19:

  • Wear a mask
  • Don’t have parties or gathering (and don’t attend them, either)
  • Don’t travel without quarantining for 14 days
  • STAY HOME if you’re sick!

Lawrence ranks 3rd in overall case count (5284), 2nd in average daily incidence rate per capita (41.9), 2nd in two-week case count (517), 2nd in percent positive (7.55%), and have lost 144 souls. Help us stop the spread!

For COVID-19 Information & Resources, visit

This Mobile Testing Unit is headed to a neighborhood near you! To get a COVID-19 test, or for more information on the City of Lawrence Mobile Testing Unit , visit

Remember, Lawrence is a RED community—we must remain vigilant to combat COVID-19! Say safe, stay calm, and stay home,

-Mayor Rivera