Mayor Rivera’s 2020 Youth Empowerment Fund

In June of this year Mayor Daniel Rivera went before the City Council and proposed an investment of $300,000 of the City’s Free Cash Budget into youth empowerment, employment and development and has named it the 2020 Youth Empowerment Fund. Allocation of funds for this purpose was approved by the City Council on July 21, 2020. The Office of Mayor Rivera met with youth, between the ages of 13-22, across the city to set the priorities by which the City will be allocating funds to non-profit organizations. The Youth Empowerment Fund will be allocated under this RFP. Successful proposals will address the set priorities detailed within this RFP.

The following guidelines and priorities have been placed on the funding of potential applicants:

  1. Proposals should be tailored to the empowerment, employment and development of Lawrence youth within the ages of 13-22
  2. Proposals that accommodate to the following set Youth Priorities and Objectives will be prioritized (in no particular order):
    1. Education
    2. Mentorship
    3. Leadership Development
    4. Arts and Culture
    5. Youth Employment
    6. Scholarships
  3. Non-profits that specifically tailor their program to youth within the ages of 13-22 are highly encouraged to apply.
Total AvaiableMaximun GrantMinimum Grant

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, you must complete the attached application and submit it with all required documents (2 copies total) by 4:00 PM, Monday December 21, 2020 to the following location:

Office of Mayor Daniel Rivera
Attn: Ivis Batista
200 Common Street, Room 309
Lawrence, MA 01840

Applications must be hand delivered – note that City Hall is open by appointment only and appointments can be made at Applications must be typed and not handwritten. If you are an organization that is using a fiscal agent as the applicant, the fiscal agent must submit and sign the application.

Please note that the 9 items listed on the first page of the application must be submitted as part of your application. If you are considering submitting an application and have any questions regarding this process, you may contact Ivis Batista via phone at 978-620-3015 or email Ivis Batista

In addition, the Office of Mayor Daniel Rivera has set aside office hours designated to assisting applicants with assuring that they have collected all of the required documents. During office hours Ivis Batista will be available in person or by phone. Office hours will be conducted as follows (special appointments can also be made):

Tuesdays: 9AM-11AM Wednesday: 12PM-2PM Thursday: 3PM-4:30PM

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