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Posted on: June 20, 2019

City & Superior Officers Sign Contract

Mayor Daniel Rivera, Lawrence Superior Officers Union President Captain Scott McNamara and Police Chief Roy Vasque announce the ratification of a 7 year contract between the City and the Union. The collective bargaining agreement includes annual salary increases beginning in year 2, along with an additional 2% increase for officers at their 29th year of service. The agreement also brings detail pay rates in line with modern rates. The City was able to get adjusted management rights over the promotion of Lieutenants and Captains, sick leave buy backs, the Chief’s ability to assign officers to light duty, and a pay structure that is affordable for the tax payers of the City of Lawrence. The contract will be retro-active from 2016-2022.

“I am glad that we could get into an amicable agreement with the Superior Officers Union. As the steward of the people’s money, it is my responsibility to ensure a fair shake for the taxpayers and a reasonable compensation package for the hardworking men and women of the Superior Officers Union. This contract meets both of these criteria. I just want to remind people that we are not out of the woods financially but this contract is affordable and shows the city’s appreciation for their dedication,” said Mayor Daniel Rivera. “I want to thank Lawrence Superior Officers Union President Captain Scott McNamara and Police Chief Roy Vasque for their leadership on meeting us halfway to make this contract happen.”

“I want to thank Mayor Rivera and Chief Vasque for their willingness to resolve this contract with a handshake across a table as opposed to the adversarial process that is known as arbitration,” said Lawrence Superior Officers Union President, Captain Scott McNamara. “I believe this accord strikes the right balance between the needs and concerns of the taxpayer and the ability of our members to continue to be paid a competitive wage. We are pleased to put this behind us and eager to return our collective focus towards Making Lawrence Better.” Chief Roy Vasque says, “This contract is a step in the right direction for the Lawrence Police Department. Not only does this collective bargaining agreement indicate a willingness to work together, it makes our police force stronger by opening the door for better union communication all around.”

Contract Highlights:

 Year One: 0%

 Year Two: 2 %

 Year Three: 2.5%

 Year Four: 2.5%

 Year Five: 2%

 Year Six: 2%

 Year Seven: 2%

 At 29th year of service, 2%

 Promotion of LT. /CPT 50% Exam 50% Assessment Center

 Light Duty Assignments

 Adjusted Detail Rates

 Adjusted sick leave buyback for new officers, eliminating compounded payouts

*Assessment centers are a series of exercises designed to test how well a candidate would perform in a job, using simulations and role players to replicate real, on-the-job situations. Candidates are evaluated on qualities such as leadership, decision making, interpersonal skills, and written and oral communication. Candidates for promotion still will have to pass and rank high on the civil service exam.

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