What if my car stolen?

If the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, the owner will be entitled to an abatement if they:

  • Reports the theft of the vehicle to the local police within 48 hours of discovery of the theft
  • After 30 days, the owner must surrender the certificate of registration and obtain a certificate from the Registry of Motor Vehicles indicating that they have done so
  • Notify the Assessors office at 978-620-3190
  • Provide the Assessors Office with a copy of the following documents:
    • Insurance Company Settlement Letter and C-19 form (Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Plate) from the Registry of Motor Vehicles or
    • New Registration if plate is transferred.

The certificate and local police report should be presented to the Assessors Office with an application for abatement. The excise office will adjust the bill and grant an abatement for the remaining portion of the year. If the motor vehicle or trailer is subsequently recovered and registered, another excise bill will be issued for the remainder of the year.

Falsely reporting the theft of a motor vehicle or trailer will result in severe penalties and a person may be charged up to three times the excise due on the vehicle for an entire year. For more information, contact the Assessor at 978-620-3190.

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