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Strategically located in the center of the Merrimack Valley and only 25 miles north of Boston, Lawrence continues to be at the heart of industrial activity. Its historic mill buildings along the mighty Merrimack River offer accessibility, adaptable manufacturing and office spaces at affordable rates, and a city ready to assist your business.Its people offer a diverse, high-quality labor force, many within walking distance of the compact, industrially-planned downtown. As the city moves forward, businesses are benefiting from the renewed commitment to people and infrastructure.


As the hub of transportation just 25 miles and 30 minutes north of Boston, Lawrence is easily accessible by car, train, bus, or plane.

  • Easy highway access from Routes 93 and 495
  • Public transportation, including regional public bus service and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) commuter train line
  • Active freight lines throughout the city
  • Lawrence Municipal Airport, for small and private commercial airplanes


The Lawrence Community Development Department (CDD) is intent on doing all it can to help existing businesses and to attract new businesses to Lawrence. In addition, the CDD will help companies by assisting with introductions to other Federal, State, and local support agencies, by coordinating and facilitating permits, and by providing technical assistance in developing projects.

For more information about moving your company to Lawrence, please contact the Community Development Department.

Economic Assistance Programs

Among many initiatives, the City of Lawrence assists businesses through its economic development assistance programs.

Site Location Assistance

Fast access to commercial and industrial space availability.

Section 108 Financing

Large project financing at below market rates. Section 108 provides communities with a source of financing for economic development projects. All projects and activities must either principally benefit low- and moderate-income persons, aid in the elimination or prevention of slums and blight, or meet urgent needs of the community. The principal security for the loan guarantee is a pledge by the City of its current and future CDBG funds. Additional security will also be required to assure repayment of the guarantee obligations, including assets financed by the guaranteed loans. The maximum repayment period for a Section 108 loan is 20 years. This program is expected to leverage, but not replace, private sector financing through a partnership in the overall financing requirement.

Economic Opportunity Area Tax Incentive Program

For projects located within an Economic Opportunity Area (EOA) which retain or create jobs and create additional tax value in that property, a company may apply for certification of the project. Certification by the City and State will qualify the company for State and Municipal tax incentives. Additional incentives are given for projects which are aimed at abandoned buildings.

Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund

These low interest loans to developers of Brownfields Properties, encourage the redevelopment of contaminated industrial properties.

Workforce Training Initiatives

Through the Merrimack Valley Regional Employment Board, companies can receive financial assistance to train and re-train employees.

Additional Information

For any additional information, please contact  Economic Development Department  at 978-620-3511.